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Samsung UN58MU6070FXZA 58 4K TV With Perfect Reviews

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Standard color gamut, only good enough for SDR content. Most of the colors in HDR content will be shown fairly well, but areas of extreme color will not be shown as saturated as intended. The TV's accuracy at showing the colors it's able to is also not very good, as the majenta and green shades don't follow their target lines properly. HDR content will still look decent, but not as good as on a TV with a wider color gamut.The TV's EOTF in the Movie picture mode follows the target PQ curve fairly well, but is a little too dim. Adjusting the 'Gamma' slider to '+2' makes the EOTF follow the PQ curve almost perfectly, as shown here. Users can raise the gamma slider to suit their room brightness. The EOTF in 'Game' mode is very similar to the one in 'Movie', while the 'PC' mode EOTF follows the PQ quite closely without any adjustment.

This model is identical to the Samsung UN58MU6100fxza so those looking for some Samsung UN58MU6070FXZA reviews can see them over at Walmart here, where the feedback is near perfect with every single buyer happy with their purchasing leaving a 4.5/5 rating on Walmart as of November 2017. 1e1e36bf2d


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