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Isaac Johnson
Isaac Johnson

Kirisun S780 Programming Software Download |LINK|

since i got my hands on a uhf/vhf two-way radio receiver, ive been listening to the arrl dog-gone-it bandcheck app and they have some special frequencies that are reserved for certain events. one of these is for the us president and its on 5.850 mhz. i downloaded the app and made sure to have the standard settings and i am currently tuned to 5. i have not heard any sort of noise at all while the political leaders are speaking in dc. also, the us president has about 5 to 10 minutes to speak, so theres plenty of time for the normal users to listen in on the conversation. its a great application, and i would recommend it to everyone else.

Kirisun S780 Programming Software Download

after purchasing the uhf/vhf two-way radio, i decided to give 2-way radio programming a try. i have been a ham radio operator for over 25 years, but rarely used the radio for anything but one-way fm messaging. after using the radio-link programming software, i was very impressed. once i understood how it worked, i was able to set up a simple communication system using 4 radios and i can communicate with 3 of them at the same time. although the programming software is easy to use, the programming of each radio is a bit time consuming. the system can be expanded as your need to use more than 4 radios with ease. i'm currently using 5 radios and i still find it a bit of a pain to program all of the radios and still manage to keep the programming simple for me to remember.

i bought a new radio from the manufacturer which was put together from some parts that were available on amazon. i also bought some pre-programmed radios from the manufacturer. the radio was not programmable. on the radio-link application, i was able to do a lot of programming within the application, but not all the features that the manufacturer said it would do. some features were not present in the application and the pre-programmed radios did not work with the application. i contacted the manufacturer and they told me that the features in the application were not part of the product they sold me and that it was only for the features sold with the radio. the application does not even show the necessary features on the application. i asked them how many radios they sell and they said about 10,000 units a month. i guess they are getting to be very wealthy because they do not care about the users of their products. i think that the radio-link application is a scam and i would not recommend it for anything. i would like to know if anyone else has problems with this application. i have tried several times to contact the company, but the phone numbers are not working. so, it will be hard for me to get my money back from the company. i have since moved to a newer radio, so i have no more problems with the software.


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