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Rich Kaiser
Rich Kaiser

((INSTALL)) Uniop Designer 6 Software Free 201 ((EXCLUSIVE))

DirectSOFT FAQ0127 (see also DNLoader FAQ0001) 09-Jan-2004 Q: Is there a software utility that can be used to upload/download programs without using DirectSOFT? A: Yes. Host Engineering has created a free program called DNLoader that does just that. You would use it to read the program and (optionally) the retentive V-memory from a DL PLC and save this data in a file. This file cannot be read by DirectSOFT. You can then use DNLoader to write the contents of this file to another DL PLC of the same type. It supports serial or Ethernet connections and also supports PLC Passwords. It is the ideal tool for an OEM or System Integrator. You can download your copy from our website under the Support --> Utilities section.

((INSTALL)) Uniop Designer 6 Software Free 201



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