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Gay Master Rubber


Fetishists know Mister B designs and makes the best rubber clothing available, from high-quality latex shorts and underwear to rubbers shirts and harnesses. We also offer a diverse selection of rubber accessories, from attire that will complete your outfit - like latex braces - to cleaning products - like our own brand of rubber detergents to keep your latex clothing and gear in top condition.

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Kinky submissive Seattle leather and rubber boy. Pics I enjoy and of things I like or fantasize about. Bondage, SM, ws, toilet, cigars, pipes, reds, smoke, forced smoke, ashtray, rimming, cock and ball worship, bootlicking, hoods, gags, funnels, piercings, ink, and more.

Sextus has been bred to be a bondage sex slave. His master and owner, Dimitri, takes great care of him. With the earnings Sextus generates for Dimitri, his master is able to keep them both very well. But now Dimitri wishes to retire ...

As he slept he could once again hear that same voice inside his head saying " sleep my killer for tomorrow you kill again the rubber requires you to kill". Yes said Randy " I must kill again I want to kill again I will kill again ! As he feel asleep he was talking in his sleep kill kill kill .

I came around to Camp Akrotiri about every six weeks on the regular Athens run. But this one was different. Some hatred or jealousy in the back rooms of Minitrek Expeditions had landed me with a special tour, through Greece and Turkey in the footsteps of Saint Paul, for a school party from Saint Saviour's. This seedy establishment was a boys' public (a.k.a. private) school of the third rank, in south London. My party consisted of twelve boys, aged thirteen to fifteen, and two masters. One of the masters was an Anglican priest. Both were ravingly gay (or, as we used to say then, as queer as two clockwork oranges).

"Have some Brand Xos," I said. And so our love story was launched. When the sun went down I abandoned my twelve boys and two masters and took Ann on a personal tour of Athens. Back at the camp, very late, a nightmare frustration threatened. All our tents were shared, and all had their quota of snoring bodies. With the energy of desire, I dragged out a spare tent and put it up in a far corner of the camp in about two minutes.

A lead curtain should be drawn over the details of that tour. The masters were scandalized, and sent telegrams to an indifferent head office in London. The boys were so excited and titillated that the group suffered an explosion of homosexual behavior, even beyond the norm for British public school boys. They were driven to distraction by the sight of her black underwear drying on the tent lines. This is a piece of imaginative invention.

What I remember second best is the curious mixed scent of sex and sand and polluted seawater and hot canvas and steaming rubber air mattresses. The smell is quite beyond verbal description, but it's lodged in some dark corner of my mind like the memory of my own birth. Ann did the impossible for a while: she made me forget myself. This, perhaps, is another bit of imaginative invention. But that's what makes it a love story.

The tour where all this happened did not end in the ordinary way. When we were back in Athens after the swing through Turkey, and ready to start the long drag back home to London, I was reassigned to a tour starting from Heraklion in Crete. Somebody else drove the tumescent schoolboys and their shocked masters back to Victoria Station. Ann


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