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Submissive bitch, Savannah Fox, gets rope bondaged, gagged and blindfolded by her master in his secret BDSM room. At first this fella fingers Savannah's hairy pussy until she squirts like a bitch. Then he suspends this brown-haired bitch upside down from the ceiling. He grabs her thick ass, spanks it and whips it hard making the girl screaming with pain. Afterwards this sadistic bastard whips her pussy as well. Then he toys her clit with a magic wand and at the same time fists her trembling pussy until she squirts hard.

Damn, it was so exhilarating. I felt like I had some type of superpower. I could cause sound to explode from my being anytime that I wanted it to. After the chord would ring I would wait until the sound dissipated like a cloud of smoke in the air before strumming my next note. My favorite part about it all was the break of silence before the sound explosion. I could physically watch nothing gradually grow in size into something as it suddenly spread and expanded all over the room, shaking me and everything in its path. fuck. I almost jizzed myself from the sensation.

Once again, dear readers, a tied-up person should never be left alone. If being tied up and left alone or tying someone up and leaving them alone is an important part of your thrill, the tied-up person should not be in a stressful position, nothing should restrict his or her breathing (no fucking gags or duct tape), and someone should be well within earshot at all times. 041b061a72


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