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Isaac Johnson
Isaac Johnson

Cover Action Pro 2 For Adobe Photoshop (DVD FULL)

The cover pic sucks? Please ignore the most thorough book on any shelf regarding learning CS6. Evening explains it all, Kelby about 20%. I also own Scott's books, because I guess I like a library and in Photoshop there are usually many ways to achieve a task. However, Martin Evening is a master, and if you want to learn to quickly apply a curve, and create an action so you can do it faster next time, go Kelby. If you want to learn all there is about CS6, Martin Evening will pen your book for you. You just need to READ it.....

Cover Action Pro 2 For Adobe Photoshop (DVD FULL)

Cover Action Pro is a Photoshop action set that allows you to create high-definition product shots. It creates covers for almost any product in seconds, with over 110 photoshop effects to choose from. You will always have the right cover for virtually any project at your fingertips. Pricing starts at $ 197 (one-time fee) and includes 150 different Photoshop actions. Its pro version uses Photoshop 7 to design expert illustrations with ease.

ProductShotPro is a fully graphical suite of professionally designed and easy-to-use 3D style product cover templates. It is one of the fastest ways to take your 2D Photoshop patterns and turn them into elegant product shots to put on your website or even printouts. Its image templates are high-resolution, multi-layered smart content which easily converts your 2D designs into tangible 3D style product shots.

eCover Go is a new amazing e-book cover software that can create attractive and professional 3-d graphics. It has 150 action scripts from which multiple types of covers can be used. It has a transparent background. It also has 100 plus covers with a print resolution with quite an easy and friendly interface.


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