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Speed Learning English Torrent

Learning a language normally takes time and you have to be patient with yourself. Using a guide like this one can speed up your language learning process and help you reach your goals faster than you think.

Speed Learning English Torrent

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MT method is brillant. I have learned easily english, spanish and german with michel thomas in one year . Im a french native speaker and today im able to speak three languages thanks to his method. MT method is one of the greatest ever. i have learned with it, what i have not been able to learn during many high scool year. I dont know how good it is at arabic , russian and chinese, but for french, english, spanish and german its just wonderful. it is Far better than the crappy language learning in the "modern" classroom or other methods like ( rosetta stone, tell me more, Assimil....). I hope all that resentment is not because because a publisher did not answer your request. Or you just want to promote rocketlanguages ? Not recommanding Michel thomas ? Are you kidding me ? There are so many good testimonies about it everywhere around the world. what you learn in 15 hours with michel thomas, you cant learn it even if you live with a native speaker during 2 weeks. He is building the Core of the language, he gives you the keys to master the language. Dude you really got a problem. You can say its not 100% perfect, of course, by not recommanding this awesome method is really really bad. Thumb down.

I'm a spanish language learner, and before trying to learn any other language than english, I was unaware of MT method, when I decided to learn french, i found Michel Thomas and Pimsleur methods. In my own opinion bro, the only certain thing in this universe is that everything is relative, it doesn't matter my reasons to express that I found Michel Thomas method EXCELENT and very accurate at the time of my french learning journey, it simply worked for me, the learning was simply effortless, but it's just me, if this course is useless for other people, great, then go find the course that fits your personality and your way of learning, but there's no such thing as right or wrong, just diversity of methods, that's why there's pimsleur, Rosetta, Fluenz, earworms, and the traditional way, that is going with some teacher and having the pressure of doing a bunch of homework and exercises from some book, and all of them are OK and WRONG at the same time, but it depends on the learning approach of each person. "Know yourself", know what works best for you, and stick to it, what doesn't, just let it go, and keep searching. My final thought: I found MYSELF MT excelent, I learned so fucking fast with this method, why?, that's the way my brain was able to grasp the grammar and the language. I would recommend it? Hell no!, I'm just saying there's the posibility that you fit in the kind of audience for this product, and if you are, believe me, you'll find it awesome, if not, that's ok, then keep searching, If Rosetta Stone makes you learn, excelent!, If the earworms approach makes you learn..terrific!, great!, if not...then-keep-searching.....Just know yourself, and be conscious that everyfuckingthing is RELATIVE....Peace language learners....

And I really want to point this :pay attention to the closeness between the support language and the learned language, it can be a difficulty (and I'm pretty sure that learning german from zero through english would have been quite difficult too)

tried various language learning course in spanish while on the basic spanish course i was fine but as soon as i went on to the intermediate level i got totally lost and gave up a friend gave me the michel thomas spanish cds and all i can say is amazing i cannot put the cds down and i will be going on to the advance level soon for some reason it works for me at school i was in a class for slow learners and was told i would not be learning a foreign language because i would have enough with english i can only speak as i have found personaly.

I have used MT to learn German and found that the speed of learning the grammar through his fast paced Q&A approach, following the explaining of a new rule, was a revelation to me as someone new to the language. I was very quickly able to speak and understand, "holiday German". This ties in with your comments above about building blocks. I also agree with you, that outside of the teacher-led environment, you cannot progress to being fluent in the real world without taking the time and effort to learn vocabulary and that this is a shortcoming if the MT method. I think a more nuanced review would have been fairer, acknowledging (for Europpean languages, at least) that his method is a great way to start learning a language and set up a framework, on which subsequent practical knowledge and vocabulary can be built, if the student puts in time at a later date.

I couldn't agree more with all your points. And how learning 'about' a language is very different to learning a language. MT's chunking and concept explanation is not bad, but there is so much english (and always one super idiotic student who gets corrected every 2 seconds) that it is very frustrating and left me in the lurch when I tried to actually use it and listen to someone.

What I love about Michel Thomas is that he makes it fun. Sure, learning the rules of grammer is important, but not as important as enjoying speaking the language. I once met a polish guy whose english grammer was appalling and who spoke a wierd combination of different languages, but he was understandable because he loved speaking english and so could get his point across. If you don't love speaking the language, you're unlikely to get far enough to learn grammer rules. 350c69d7ab


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