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Ps2 Bios Jp Scph 30000 Bin

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Ps2 Bios Jp Scph 30000 Bin

There are some varying messages in the BIOS screens from different regions of the console, with Japanese BIOSes consistently having different messages. Only some of these differences are likely to be present, but we're including them here for completion's sake. One is a version difference between BIOSes from different regions; e.g., the region-identifying string is only present in the Japanese BIOS, while the 'Press [Enter]' and 'Press [Start]' messages are different. Another is a language difference: while the non-Japanese BIOSes contain only a small block of text, the Japanese BIOSes contain a lot more. Some, but not all of the text are displayed in kanji, some are in English, and some are in both. Also, the English text is colorized (in cyan and magenta), but not the kanji. Also, several other small changes exist, such as the console recognizing the region instead of the system clock, the BIOS using a different method to determine the date and time, some of the PS2 logo forms being slightly larger, and the BIOS using a slightly different approach for distinguishing internal vs. external memory.

For the Japanese BIOSes, there are quite a few region-identification strings in the BIOS. A small section of one (which identifies the Playstation as a "Sony", the console console as a "NEC/PCS" and the model number and what seems to be a version number) appears to be present at the bottom of the Sony Computer Entertainment logo screen. The Japanese BIOSes also include a tiny section of the PS2 logo for some models, which is a different color from the rest of the PS2 logo. For the non-Japanese BIOSes, it is somewhat difficult to identify the region using the BIOS itself, with the only indication being the region-identifying string. The Japanese BIOSes do however, have a region-identifying string in a different font at the top of the BIOS that can be seen in the title bar of the BIOS screen. This region-identifying string is the same for all Japanese BIOSes. 3d9ccd7d82


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