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[S2E7] With All Of My Heart PATCHED

In the Saloon, Rosemary is busy working on the latest installment of her column. As she does, she overhears Molly Sullivan telling Florence about the new man in her life. It appears that after Rosemary rebuffed his advances, Lee approached Molly Sullivan and began courting her. Molly appears quite smitten with Lee, while eavesdropping Rosemary is left fuming.

[S2E7] With All Of My Heart

In Hamilton, the lovelorn Julie has become emboldened to challenge her parents and their traditional views. Eager to break out of her societal bonds, Julie accuses her parents of looking down on Tom and Jack because of their simple background. Later that day, Julie has a similar fight with Viola, who has no qualms about looking down on the Thornton brothers. Julie responds by questioning if Viola is in love with Sir Lionel or his social status.

Fez looked at Ashtray like a brother, and the two of them worked every angle of the drug business to their satisfaction, and unfortunately for Ashtray, he played with fire a little too much to make it out the other end.

The officers breaking the door down and the gunfight that ensued will live with me for a long time. Seriously, this show is cutthroat in all of the best ways because it takes risks other shows do not.

Whether Fez will be able to bounce back is a question I can't answer because we've watched him navigate life with a grandmother in a coma, all the while dealing drugs with someone who was like a little brother to him.

The biggest problem I have with the show carrying over into the finale is that any staff member would have shut the entire thing down the moment the school got a sniff that this was based on real-life.

Nate's journey as we head into the next season is more of a question mark because his actions lead me to question whether he will be able to turn over a new leaf and right the wrongs with those he's burned.

It's hard to believe we've gotten this far without talking about Rue. She's the glue that holds the show together, and while there was a lot of character development for her, it was clear the show had more of a profound effect on her than we could have anticipated.

M.K.: I couldn't find any wounds. There are some weird markings on his chest.Bajie: His chest? Oh, shit. M.K.: What?Bajie: The bruises. Cyan must have attacked him with the 5 poisons. M.K.: The what?Bajie: The 5 poisons-The Hand of the 5 Poisons. That's one of the abbot's deadliest techniques. What are they teaching you? M.K.: So, what can we do?Bajie: Nothing. There's nothing we can do. Look: this one's already affecting his brain. Liver, kidney, lungs are next, then the heart. He'll be lucky if he lasts the day.

What started out to be a dream come true, being reunited with the love of his life Veil, and a now grown child Henry, quickly turned into a J Horror movie, complete with a creepy girl with pale white skin and stringy black hair covering her pasty face.

And the climax, which cuts from the ghosts covering Sunny's screaming body, to him holding the dead body of his love Veil, to the blood soaked face of his murderous son Henry, to the pools of blood forming clipper tattoos on the barn floor, is at the same time terrifying and heartbreaking.

It has been several months since James and Helen became engaged. Tristan is back from school for the holidays, awaiting his exam results, and Skeldale House is bedecked with holly for the Christmas Eve party. Mrs. Hall runs into Diana while shopping for groceries with Tristan, and Diana advises her to enjoy the admiration of Gerald after he wanders past. Wear something to catch his eye at the party tonight, Diana suggests.

Riley is on a plane to Chicago while Will is pacing. He can't believe he let her do this. She quips they all agreed it was worth the risk. Riley asks Nomi to back her up. Nomi says the fake ID worked in the United Kingdom, but Will says Outgoing isn't the same as Incoming. Nomi shows they are inside the TSA, watching out for any alert. Nomi and Amanita are in a cabin in the woods, so the Wi-Fi is bad. Bug's on it. Riley is done with Will's worrying, but Nomi stresses he only does so out of love. She suggests they let Riley sleep since there's nothing they can do. Grace informs Nomi and Amanita that dinner is ready. Before they can go, Bug informs them that TSA bumped up their warning level because of another mass shooting.

Kala interrupts a meeting between Rajan and Ajay. She apologizes and goes to leave, but Ajay tells her she's the obvious priority here. He advises Rajan to spend more time with his bride. Ajay leaves. Kala discovered that shipping reports have been falsified. Everything the controllers approved has been doctored. He tells her she's beautiful, but she is too upset over the fact that they are shipping old, useless, defective, and possibly poisonous drugs. Rajan says this is standard procedure. They have to vacate their storage space and they can't waste drugs just because they are slightly below standard. Kala is shocked and wonders what if they were to be given expired drugs themselves. Rajan assures her they would never allow it to happen to their own people, which is why they ship the drugs to distant places. Capheus appears next to her and she checks if those places include Kenya. Rajan replies it's possible. Horrified, she backs away from him and leaves.

Lito, Hernando, and Dani arrive home singing after the parade, but their arrival takes a dark turn when Joaquin appears in the apartment. He tells Dani that he wanted nothing to do with her anymore. He told "them" that she was beyond saving, but they needed to see for themselves. Dani's parents then appear next to him. They have come to take her home. Dani says she's happy here. Joaquin tells them that Lito and Hernando changed Dani. Dani's father tells Joaquin to get Dani's bag. He smirks and goes to grab it, but so does Lito. "Want to go again, faggot?" Joaquin quietly asks. Wolfgang appears and they tell Joaquin only if he wants his ass kicked by a faggot, again. Joaquin backs off and Lito thanks Wolfgang. Dani refuses to come. Her father threatens to cut her out of his world. She knows they don't understand, but Dani has a relationship with these two men that isn't built on threats, control, or money. Her father points out she's living off a trust fund. Lito says he can keep the money as Dani doesn't need it. Dani's mother begs her to come home, but Dani replies she already is home. Her crying mother leaves, followed by Dani's father and Joaquin.

Riley arrives at Chicago while Will is worried about BPO waiting for her. However, she's greeted by Diego. Riley enthusiastically hugs him. He only knows her as the chick with the weird accent. Both Will and Riley are grateful that he came, as Will didn't expect it. Diego tells Riley that Will said he would provide an explanation as to why he disappeared for over a year without a word. Will says he's sorry. Riley delivers the message.

Capheus and Zakia visit the art school where his mum teaches dance. Capheus introduces Zakia to her. Zakia has heard about the work Shiro does here with the kids. It's amazing. Shiro explains that art is fundamental to development of the imagination. You have to imagine something first to achieve it. Shiro heard about her education. She wonders why Zakia turned down jobs and came back here. Zakia says she loves Kenya as much as Capheus does, despite its challenges, which is why she is so excited that Capheus is running for office. Shiro didn't know yet. Capheus starts explaining.

Capheus apologizes to his mother. He doesn't want to cause her pain, so he'll withdraw. Shiro objects. She only asks that Capheus remembers that he's the only thing she has left from his father. They hug.

Sun visits her parents' graves. She apologizes to her father. If he hadn't come to the prison, maybe he would still be alive. She admits to feeling lost. Everything she considered her home is now gone. Every time she begins to feel like she belongs somewhere, she has to leave. She's trapped between what she wants and what she knows she can't have. She misses her mother. She measures so much of her life against one afternoon with her.

Sun recalls that was the day her mother took her to the Spring Festival. Riley appears and tells Sun there's much of her mother in her. Sun says she was nourished by her mother, unlike Joong-Ki. It was her duty to raise him in her mother's place. But she failed. Riley tells Sun that what happened was not her fault. Nomi says a lot of people never get the kind of love she got from her mother. She certainly didn't, but it didn't turn her into a murderer. Sun says that doesn't change the feeling she has. Kala knows feelings can overwhelm logic, but at the same time, logic can ruin the emotions that make life worth living. Sun says her father was killed because of her. That's fact, not feeling. Capheus says for many years after his father was killed, he believed it was his duty to avenge him. He recalls stealing a gun and imagining killing the men who killed his father, but he never did because of his mother. He asked her if she hated the men who killed his father, but she told him she has no room in her heart for hate. That led to him dumping the gun. Sun misses a mother to give her such advice. Will takes her hand and tells her she has them. She thinks he's going to tell her to trust the law, but he's not. Wolfgang says his father was like her brother. The world is better off without him. Sun is now more confused than before. Lito says there's no easy answer, but whatever she decides to do, she won't have to do it alone. They all gather around her and comfort her. 041b061a72


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