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All Star Ballot: Methods

The tools we use to advance our political agendas can be more important than the actual policies we advance. It’s not always the case, but it often can be. For instance if we accept court packing to protect the Second Amendment then we could actually make all three branches of government subject to change with any election – and that cannot bode well for our long term stability or rights. We could eliminate the filibuster in the Senate to advance legislation that would limit Big Tech censorship, but in the process we would create a system that has precious little protection for minority rights and interests, and that could lead to a complete loss of balancing minority party concerns in all legislation. We could accept that our desired legislation is never going to get through and accept that an executive order may be the way to advance a clean energy policy, but we have to understand that the removes initiative for government action to the executive, and as a result of the President only being elected every 4 years it actually moves that initiative further away from voters, making it longer to affect changes we need in some instances, and further from the voter in the accountability. My point is simple, methods matter, especially if they are going to change the way we do things or the systems we use to implement group action.

Now to this MLB vs Georgia situation. Major League Baseball has taken the All Star game to be played in Atlanta, Georgia away from the city. I guess taking the All Star game from a city is a new type of All Star ballot, MLB has cast its vote against using normal democratic processes and dialogue to advance political goals. Now MLB as a private entity can take the All Star game from Atlanta as recompense, and Joe Biden, the absolutely unpresidential cur can push for harming Americans financially as recompense for political actions – but they better start realizing what the methods they’re employing will do. The Blaze is reporting that corporate sponsors actually forced the issue, and that players weren’t even consulted: Report: 'Corporate sponsor pressure,' not players, led MLB to move All-Star Game out of Atlanta. Here are MLB's corporate sponsors. - TheBlaze . I include that to note that the corporate sponsors with close democrat ties like Mastercard are the most likely culprits – though we just don’t know yet. Still I must ask are we going to the place that we recommend top down corporate action against people and their livelihoods when we have political disagreements now? That’s where Sock Puppet Joe and his handlers want to go? Is this where MLB’s corporate sponsors want to take this society? Okay then let me spell this out a little bit for people who don’t understand why this is such an awful thing.

In America we have elections, three coequal branches of government at the federal level and then all things that don’t fall within the express power of the federal government falls to the state governments and the people. Every state in the nation has three coequal branches of government. When we have political disagreements we have the debate / dialogue out in the public square but when it is settled at the appropriate levels we have agreed to fight inside the system and allow people to live their lives without the concern that they are going to be destroyed over political beliefs. This is the great genius of the American political system, it is supposed to give us a republican democracy where we don’t need to resort to violence because we have proper systems to pursue change, and when we lose we are supposed to have the assurance we are still citizens worthy of equal protection under the law. Sock Puppet President and MLB’s corporate sponsors are openly letting you know that if you don’t tow their line they will mobilize systems outside the government to hurt you financially. I don’t care who in elected office does this, it’s wrong, and honestly the man who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania has demonstrated a callous disregard for what has prevented large scale political violence in this country. It’s reckless, heartless and anti-american for an American President to suggest going after citizens of this nation instead of being contented to fight inside the systems provided by law.

The voting laws Georgia is enacting are no more restrictive than at least 13 other states. Joe Biden and his media mouthpieces are just flat out lying. See these two great articles from National Review to learn more about that; Georgia Voter Law: Joe Biden's Criticism Is Off Base | National Review, New Georgia Voting Law Not Voter Suppression or Jim Crow | National Review . Someone has to ask if we want to live in America where we stop focusing on winning elections and working change through the system and just start pummeling each other and effectively making equal protection under the law an irrelevant concept. I am asking the reader to question whether or not that is the country you want to live in, because that’s where Joe Biden and MLB’s corporate sponsors want to take things.

Why do Joe and his corporate buddies want to do this? Because there is nothing in this law they can hope to defeat in court. They know these laws are in place in many states already but they also know they’re not going to change the Georgia law. Georgia’s lawmakers cannot be cowed on this issue and hope to maintain a shred of credibility. Giving in would be admitting that the lies being uttered and repeated are true, and that they tried to implement “Jim Eagle” as the stammering fool in the White House said. Never going to happen. It would be political suicide. So why then? This is a warning shot for any other state looking to fix the abysmal irregularities the Covid election gave their states. The democrats liked the results, they feel equipped to game the new rules, and they do not want to see states across the country go back to what they had before the pandemic. They’re using tribalistic tactics to bully people. They aren’t trying to win hearts and minds, they’re not trying to use systems, they’re cutting a switch for the unrepentant child so the other kids see the whooping and get the point, with all the malice they think they can afford to display.

Methods matter, and these methods are sure to sew societal instability. MLB may soon sorely regret this decision, because a lot of Americans are beginning to understand that they are being identified as something other than an American, and I don’t think that many of them are going to understand the situation that MLB found itself. Honestly MLB should have chosen it’s fans and propriety over their sponsors, now they may find themselves receiving the same reward as those filthy actors when they’re outed. This can cut both ways, and they’ll know soon enough. As for Democrats and the stammering Sock Puppet that acts as their figure head I do not think they’ll get it till the midterms. Don’t you forget that they’re willing to use power just to hurt you. They can work outside the system, but for it we should kick them out of it as soon as our institutions allow us to. They cast their All Star ballot, may it remind you why you should vote.

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