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Infectious: The Current Narrative Battle

The current state of American politics is somewhat surreal. Since the Democratic National Convention it became clear that Democrats had one goal, make the pandemic Trump's fault and sell that they would beat the pandemic if they won. The day after the election, literally the day after the election, we got the announcement that Trump's Warp Speed project had helped to get a vaccine ready to go in record time. CNN’s Tapper: Operation Warp Speed “Is An Unmitigated Success” - YouTube Watch that link to see for yourself, even Tapper had to admit Trump's program got the job done. Then democrats were left with a real problem, they sold Covid Crusading to the public, they simply could not let the specter of Trump hang around in all these press conferences and press pep rallies. It would be unsightly to acknowledge that sort of success, and it would erode their political capital.

For his part President Joe Biden, the Sock Puppet President, is straining credulity to attempt to take credit for the last administration's work on the covid-19 vaccine(s), during a CNN Townhall Biden said, ""It’s one thing to have the vaccine, which we didn’t have when we came into office." Some may pretend that he misspoke, but that is of course ridiculous because it was one of his clearer sentences and it would be hard to argue he meant anything other than what he just said. Biden's roll out was largely inherited from the Trump administration but it hasn't stopped Joe and his sycophants from pretending that he actually did the heavy lifting. I have seen numerous people on social media thanking "Uncle Joe" for their vaccines. What absolute poppycock. The fact checkers, cnn, msnbc, etc. are all quick to excuse the President's egregious faux pas as jumbled speech, but woah unto you if you suggest the man is in cognitive decline. No, everything that he says that's blatantly false or racist, which occurs almost every time the man speaks to the media, is just confused speech, but he's all there, competent, under control, sharp and not the least bit confused. Please.

Biden gave a speech pretending the massive spending bill the democrats just passed was a covid relief bill, laughable as the bill includes a wide host of things not related to covid at all, and much tangentially related. But Joe gave the big speech, and sounded as if he was sitting on Nancy Pelosi's lap, or rather as if her hand was the one moving his mouth today. Much of what Joe had to say sounded as if it was at least run by the Speaker first, and in an odd way watching it I couldn't help but remember him addressing congress by video link and then asking Pelosi if he was supposed to take questions now in rather pathetic fashion for an American President.Watch that short clip here; Back to the point at hand, this bill for the democrats was a lot like a Burger King order, they got it almost their way, almost exactly how they ordered it and just like a Burger King meal there isn't much healthy about it. What little was trimmed off had nothing to do with restraint or the idea that narrow majorities should not pass large controversial bills, no, it was the senate parliamentarian clarifying they could not actually just add whatever they wanted into the senate bill and pretend it followed their rules. Still Joe gave out and gave a grand speech congratulating his party and setting out a timeline for almost normal life to resume. Why? Because he is hoping to tie himself and the democrats to the return to normal in such a way that he can take the credit for it. In the coming weeks the attempt by the administration, democrats in office and the media to spin the passing of this bill as a real turning point for economic and physical recovery will happen. Don't buy it, we are still on the same timeline as set out by the Trump administration and the truth is nothing is going to substitute getting opened up, which is occurring and will continue to accelerate as the vaccines hit more arms. I wrote that knowing full well that I deal with people regularly who are buying every last word of it.

It doesn't stop there though. Andrew Cuomo's order forcing nursing homes to take coronavirus patients killed more than double what his administration admitted to, 15,000 people. His lame excuses and rhetoric cannot conceal the fact that his leadership killed people thousands and he tried to hide it from the Trump DOJ. See this Huffington Post article with video of his weak attempt to justify himself; Cuomo Responds To Allegations Of Nursing Home Death Cover-Up: 'Nothing To Investigate' The unreal thing is that he's not defending himself from the accusations that he's a killer who obstructed a DOJ investigation and to date the Biden Administration has shown precious little interest in investigating. No, Cuomo is facing charges of sexual harassment and inappropriate touching day in and day out. Now there are 6 accusers. Sexual harassment and assault are serious, and I don't want to minimize the accusations leveled against him, though he is innocent till proven guilty and what we have currently is accusers, not the proof but I mean 15,000 people died, over half of those were likely completely needless deaths as the Javits Center and the hospital ship provided by the Trump Administration's order could have handled all the patients at that time. Why are democrat turning on Cuomo over these sexual harassment allegations and no the nursing homes? Right now there are other democrat governors who made similar orders, including but not limited to; Whitmer of Michigan, Murphy of New Jersey, and Wolf of Pennsylvania. These governors were all watching the media start to realize they couldn't ignore the Cuomo nursing home story any longer and they got concerned that they might just get flushed out with Cuomo. Now that the harassment issues have taken center stage there is not the same media interest in all the people Cuomo's order killed - and that's good for democrats who don't want to flush two swing state governors and possible future party leaders. Right now those folks are stuck to the underside of the toilet seat hoping no one comes in to clean the bathroom. Yeah, that's gross, but so were their disgusting orders and their blatant disregard for the well being of the citizens of this country. Even more though it would be a major blow to the democrat branding as the Covid Crusaders party if these people are exposed as the third largest reason we performed so poorly in death rates with Covid in the world. 1. relative age 2. obesity and relative health of our overall population coming in just ahead of democrat governors. I wish I could tell you people see through it, but I see a lot of chatter about the sexual harassment stuff - I see far less talk about how his policies killed more New Yorkers than Osama Bin Laden, I don't see much chatter about the other governors either. Maybe this narrative change is working for them.

The Covid Crusaders are all on message and all in the fold still on a national level. The manipulation, the outright lying, and the narrative shifting will continue until they figure out a way to take all of the credit for the vaccine and the vaccine roll out plan they had close to nothing to do with - and the craziest thing about that is that I think it may actually work on a lot of people. The only way to combat false narratives like those being worked on is to see it in action, refuse to buy in, speak the truth in a caring way, and keep pointing people back to the real story.

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