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Feb 24, 2021
In Excog Forum
first off 👏🏽 and now that I see the text mods, I am down! Ha these are my notes: -ignorance is bliss -Mike definitely called me out on buying books to solve a problem. And how we problem solve with pocket money. I want to have the books when I decide to pick up reading tho??! And they do get me to pause and realign my thoughts when I glance at them, even tho I haven’t read them they give me the glimpse of the light, especially when I need it. -pressed into a shape, thinking becomes liberty , figure out anything just think it through, the group isn’t always right ( I enjoyed these phrases) - in 2008 the gym I worked at had 10,000 members and I always thought what happens if all of em show up on the same day -the ABC story was eye opening, thanks for sharing. Made me think how good kids who would excel in a trade are turned away from votech -standardization. -social conditioning -kisselcub has a great dad -is it hard for others to know when to go along and when not to?? -i have a whole analogy of living in a dark castle and becoming aware and coming into the light...I’m glad I’ve come into the light the past 5 years and it’s brought me back to my roots and my solid foundation that was always there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and taking the time to do this mike. and whomever read all this, feel free to “discuss or debate” whatever. idk how this forum works or how we’ll use it or how it’ll grow but just supporting my fellow dude and hoping to invok convo ✌🏿💕


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