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Google Confirms Dark Mode Is A Huge Help For Battery Life On Android

Google Confirms Dark Mode Is A Huge Help For Battery Life On Android :::

If you want to help save even more battery juice on your Android phone, switch as many apps to its dark theme. You can even set your background to black and definitely stay away from animated wallpapers. Also, since this works on your phone, you can apply the same logic to improve the battery life of your laptop using Dark Mode on Windows 10, for example.

While an OLED will consume around 40% of the power of an LCD displaying an image that is primarily black, it can use more than three times as much power to display an image with a white background, such as a document or web site.[12] This can lead to reduced battery life and energy usage unless a light-on-dark color scheme is used. The long-term reduced power usage may also prolong battery life or the useful life of the display and battery.

"AMOLED Black" color schemes (that use pure black instead of dark gray) do not necessarily save more energy than other light-on-dark color schemes that use dark gray instead of black, as the power consumption on an AMOLED screen decreases proportionately to the average brightness of the displayed pixels. Although it is true that AMOLED black does save more energy than dark gray, the additional energy savings are often negligible; AMOLED black will only give an additional energy saving of less than 1%, for instance, over the dark gray that's used in the dark theme for Google's official Android apps.[13] In November 2018, Google confirmed that dark mode on Android saved battery life.[14]

Turn on dark mode in the Android version of Google Drive by opening the hamburger menu and selecting Settings > Theme, then select either the default light mode, dark mode, or make it determined by the device's battery saver mode. Standalone dark mode is not yet available on iOS.

Android users can set the Pinterest app to dark mode by tapping the user profile button and selecting the small gear at the top of the window. Navigate to Account settings > App theme, then choose between dark mode or system default/battery saver. Those with an iPhone or iPad won't be able to change the app theme directly without enabling a system-wide dark mode.

With OLEDs, pixels are essentially turned off when displaying the color black, whereas LCDs keep their pixels lit up no matter what is being shown on the screen. So, it stands to reason that the mostly black Night Mode will help conserve your OLED handset's battery life. 153554b96e


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