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[S11E12] Happy Endings

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[S11E12] Happy Endings

Ben asks his sister where it's suddenly all coming from. She replies she's known ever since she was five. Ben doesn't understand why she's never told him, as they've always shared everything with each other. Curtis says she's felt trapped and she's been pretending her entire life. She's done with that. She wants to be happy with who she is. She asks if Ben can understand that. An emotional Ben asks if it now suddenly matters what he thinks. Curtis replies he knows it does. As Bailey appears in the doorway, Ben asks if he's supposed to be just okay with this. Ben storms out and Bailey tells Curtis she'll go talk to him. Curtis tells her not to bother and asks how soon she can get out of here.

Meredith enters her old house and sits down in the living room with Alex. She tells him she didn't get on the plane. She tells him she went to a hotel by herself. He asks if she didn't want to see Derek. She did, but too much. She was scared he wouldn't be happy to see her, which would mean it'd be over between them. He asks why she didn't just come back. She was going to come back, but then she didn't. And it was amazing.

Max tells Eugene that she didn't meet him at the rendezvous point because Hornsby might have discovered her. She says she kept quiet when she saw Eugene with "Stephanie" because they seemed happy together. 59ce067264


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