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[S1E11] Birth


"My Own Personal Jesus" is the eleventh episode of Scrubs' first season. J.D. sees a Christmas miracle. Elliot helps a pregnant girl at the free clinic, but she disappears when Elliot diagnoses her with HELLP syndrome. Dr. Cox asks J.D. to tape his friend's baby's birth.

In this episode, Veronica helps Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie find and reconnect with her birth parents and siblings. Meanwhile, Keith is temporarily reassigned to the sheriff's department in order to help with a case involving a serial killer.

Meanwhile, Veronica has is being paid by students to dig up "dirt" on their parents' past. As the business takes off, and Mac notices. Mac proposes creating a website for the service and launching it nation-wide, while doubling Veronica's standard fees. Mac casually asks Veronica to look into her parents' past. Veronica finds that Mac's parents once sued Neptune hospital for 1 million dollars. Upon further digging, Veronica finds that Mac was switched at birth with cheerleader (and 09er) Madison Sinclair. Before Veronica broke the news to Mac, Mac's (adoptive) mother walked in the room. Mac's entire family has blonde hair, like Madison, unlike Mac (who has black hair).

Ben and Vivien arrive back at the house. Vivien remains terrified of the house and wishes to stay in the car and wait for Ben and Violet. Ben believes that Violet jumped out the car at a red light, just like Luke believed Hayden did. Violet tries to tell her dad that she's dead and the spirits of the people who die in the house remain there. He doesn't believe her and asks if she's been taking drugs.Vivien goes into labour in the car. Constance takes her to the living room where the ghosts of Charles Montgomery and the nurses are there to assist her. Ben tries to call an ambulance but his phone suddenly has no signal and the land line is disconnected. Troy and Bryan, the red head twin ghosts, smash up Ben's car making it unusable. The electricity then goes out in the house.Charles has to do the delivery as Ben and Vivien are unable to leave. The delivery is illuminated by candles and Vivien is given ether to help with the pain. The first baby, the one Ben's fathered, is stillborn. Charles gives the baby to Nora so she can have the baby (it died in the house). The second child that Tate fathered is alive and healthy. Both Ben and Vivien question why the people who assisted the birth are covered in grisly wounds. Constance evades their question. During the birth, Ben is going insane. Charles and the nurses terrify him and he keeps thinking of Hayden.

Violet confronts Tate. He says that Violet changed him. Violet confronts him about the Westfield Massacre but Tate doesn't seem to remember it at all. He starts crying and asking why he would do that over and over but does seem to remember the police shooting him. Violet asks him why he raped her mother. He seemingly has no answer other than stating he was a different person then. Violet knows that Tate made Vivien pregnant and that giving birth to the child is what killed her. Violet breaks up with Tate, saying she does love him but can't forgive him. She tells him that she was wrong about him; that she's attracted to darkness but he IS the darkness. Saying that Tate has to pay for his actions, Violet uses the method he taught her to get rid of ghosts. As she yells at him to go away, Tate screams and cries. Vivien appears as a ghost to comfort Violet.

Rimuru kills the rest of the Falmuth soldiers. He consults with the Falmuth king and the Falmuth king proposes relations which Rimuru declines angrily. After that, he acquires a new unique skill and kills the rest of the people besides the King and the person with him, he suddenly becomes tired and enters the birth of a demon lord, he calls upon Ranga to bring him back to the kingdom and summons 3 daemons one of which is Diablo to bring one person that survive Rimuru attack. He goes to the kingdom where he finishes his evolution, and he acquires many new abilities and gifts everyone who is in relations with him. He then uses ultimate skill Raphael to revive the members of the village, 59ce067264


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