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[S10E4] 15 Chefs Compete

Cutthroat Kitchen is a reality cooking television show hosted by Alton Brown. It premiered on August 11, 2013, on Food Network, and features four chefs competing in a three-round elimination cooking competition. The contestants face auctions in which they can purchase opportunities to sabotage one another. Each chef is given $25,000 at the start of the show; the person left standing keeps whatever money they have not spent in the auctions. The show is in its fifteenth season as of June 2017.[1]

[S10E4] 15 Chefs Compete

The eighteen chefs arrived at Hell's Kitchen via SUVs and police escort, and as they walked in, Sous Chef Scott told the chefs he shaved his head to prove his commitment to Ramsay and showed a picture of him with a full head of hair, before deciding to shave the chefs' heads. After two chefs got their heads shaved, really Sous Chef Scott's friends, the latter was about to shave Danielle's head until Ramsay stopped him and told her to get back in line. He told the chefs to get in the kitchens to cook their signature dishes.

The next day, a group of dogs was let loose in the dorms, and their loud barking woke up the chefs, confusing Barbie. Once up, Sous Chef Scott gave them overalls to put on, and their next challenge began.

While going back to the dorms, Christina told the red team to drop any problems they had immediately and was very happy to see Robyn finally out of the red team. Then, she added that with five chefs left on the red team, they had to move forward, with Kimmie agreeing as they had to come together.

When the red team found out David Beckham was dining in the red kitchen, the red team squeal in excitement, with even Christina, who was a lesbian, calling Beckham smoking hot. During dinner service, she was on the appetizer station with Kimmie. When Beckham arrived, she claimed he rode in a rainbow carried by a unicorn that was eating a cupcake, before calling him a magical creature. When Dana was struggling on flatbread pizza as it was stuck to the pizza over, she tried to help, but her attempt got stuck as well, and she felt they were fumbling more than ever. Despite that, the third attempt was accepted. After the red team got their tickets completed, she was one of the three chefs that were sent into the blue kitchen to help, she told them that it was not the time to make the blue team look even worse, and thanks to her leadership, the blue team was able to complete their orders. The red team won the service, and she was very happy as it meant they did not have to nominate somebody again.

Back at the dorms, the chefs found a Bob Kramer carbon steel knife from Henkels for each of them, thrilling Christina as she called it insane. The next day, the chefs tasted dishes from Ludo Lefebvre and Quinn Hatfield, and when nobody could get Lefebvre's dish, she hopefully said no harm no foul.

At elimination, Ramsay asked the final four why they should stay. Christina said she kept her mouth shut since the start, felt she became the leader of the red team, and that her standards were higher than before. After Barbie's elimination, Ramsay admitted that it was now hard to pick two out of the three remaining chefs as there was a fraction of difference between them and that he could see anyone of them in the finale. Just before Ramsay could announce who the first finalist was, the episode ended in a cliffhanger.[17]

After a quick pack up, the final two met Ramsay on board their private jet, and Christina called spending time with him and on a jet amazing. When Ramsay told the two to enjoy themselves after their long journey, she knew she came a long way after dealing with the drama on the red team, putting her heart on each dish, and that she grew stronger at each service. Before landing, Ramsay asked the two who would win, and they said themselves. Arriving at Las Vegas, she and Justin headed down to the Paris Hotel for some hand massages until the Sous Chefs arrived. After the Sous Chefs went through the menu items with the final two, Ramsay gave them one last surprise in the form of their loved ones, her mother and girlfriend, and said having her mom and girlfriend there for lunch was what she needed. Before leaving, Ramsay said he had arranged for VIP tickets at a Vegas show for everybody, and as everybody relaxed, she called it a nice break as it reminded her of what she left behind to compete. Later that night, the final two and their loved ones met up with Ramsay to see the show, although she was uncertain if all of this was happening right now as Ramsay rarely made it easy for them. Ramsay revealed that they would be watching Penn and Teller, and one of the tricks Penn and Teller did was the classic body saw trick, and afterward, it was revealed that Ramsay served as the legs. After, Ramsay turned the spotlight on her and Justin as it was time for their final challenge, although she did not want to cook in front of people and wondered if she took an idiot pill to think she was going to relax.

Top Chef: Seattle is the tenth season of the American reality television series Top Chef. The season was announced on September 19, 2012, and premiered on November 7, 2012. The competition was initially filmed in Seattle, Washington before moving to Juneau, Alaska for three episodes, and then concluding in Los Angeles, California.[1] Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen, the web series introduced in the previous season which puts the eliminated contestants against each other in head-to-head challenges to battle for a chance to re-enter the main competition, also returned.[2] The winner continued to compete in the season finale.[3] In addition, viewers could vote each week for chefs eliminated from the Last Chance Kitchen to move on in the "Save a Chef" competition. The winner of the final vote was "saved", and earned a spot in the final round of the Last Chance Kitchen.[3] In the season finale, Kristen Kish was declared the winner over runner-up Brooke Williamson.[4] Sheldon Simeon was voted Fan Favorite.[5]

The cast of the tenth season of Top Chef initially consisted of 21 contestants.[2] After the qualifying challenges in the first episode, the pool of chefs was narrowed down to 15. Former Top Chef competitors Josie Smith-Malave (Top Chef: Los Angeles), Chris "CJ" Jacobson (Top Chef: Miami), and Stefan Richter (Top Chef: New York) joined the competition during the second episode.

Stephanie Cmar returned to compete in Top Chef: New Orleans.[6] Kristen Kish and Brooke Williamson later competed in Top Chef Duels.[7] Williamson, Sheldon Simeon, and John Tesar returned for Top Chef: Charleston.[8] Cmar returned again for Top Chef: All-Stars L.A.[9]

Qualifying Challenge: The 21 chefs were separated into four groups and sent to the restaurants of judges Tom Colicchio, Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, and Hugh Acheson. The judges devised their own challenges to evaluate the potential contestants and selected which chefs would compete for the Top Chef title in Seattle.

Quickfire Challenge: The chefs separated themselves into teams of three and had to create a dish that highlighted the local shellfish. The winning team drew knives to determine which individual would receive immunity. Past Top Chef contestants, Chris "CJ" Jacobson, Josie Smith-Malave, and Stefan Richter officially joined the competition following the challenge.

Quickfire Challenge: The chefs were tasked with creating international dumplings, inspired by whatever country they took on a map; they had 5 minutes on an Amazon Kindle Fire to look up whatever they needed to know about their type of dumpling.

Elimination Challenge: The same teams were kept for the Elimination Challenge. The chefs were asked to create a dish, by drawing knives, to feature an ingredient created by the vendors at Pike Place Market. The winners would have received $10,000; however, due to the poor quality of the meal, the reward was pulled off the table.

Quickfire Challenge: The chefs were asked to cook a holiday-themed sweet and savory dish that reminds them of their heritage using Truvia baking blend sugar. However, there was only one knife available for all the chefs; those who needed to use it were forced to either share it or improvise using other tools or methods.

Quickfire Challenge: All ingredients in the Top Chef pantry were completely wrapped in Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil. The chefs had 30 minutes to make whatever they wanted, with the limitation that each chef must incorporate any ingredient he or she unwrapped. In addition, all pots, pans, and bowls were off-limits; only the aluminum foil could be used as a cooking vessel.

Elimination Challenge: The chefs paired up and competed against each other to make dishes that featured berries from Remlinger's Farm. The winner of the Quickfire Challenge was allowed to cook by themselves. The dishes were served to 150 guests, who voted which contestant had the better dish in each head-to-head battle (below in italics). The winner received $10,000.

Quickfire Challenge: The chefs were challenged to make either a hot or cold preparation of oysters that they had harvested themselves from local oyster beds in Bow, Washington. The winner received $5,000.

Elimination Challenge: In teams of two, the chefs had to cater an after-game party for a Seattle roller derby team, the Rat City Rollergirls. The dishes each team cooked were inspired by the name of one of the rollergirls.

Quickfire Challenge: The chefs were tested on their knife skills. Beginning in three teams of three, the contestants had to sharpen dull knives enough to cut cleanly through paper. The two teams to finish the fastest advanced to the next round preparing 50 potatoes using the Tourné cutting method. The members of the winning team continued to the final round, competing against each other to break down the rack of two rabbits. A chef cutting themselves was treated as an automatic disqualification. The winner received a custom chef's knife from master bladesmith Bob Kramer, worth roughly $4,000, and immunity from elimination. 041b061a72


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