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Where To Buy Used Rvs

Where To Buy Used Rvs :::

Where To Buy Used Rvs

RVTrader is one of the most widely used online source for buying and selling RVs in the world, if not the outright biggest. Millions of monthly visitors browse more than 200,000 new and used RVs of all types, makes, models, and manufacturers. Users can get insurance quotes, estimate monthly payments, and set up price alerts while they shop.

Another online resource with physical locations is PPL Motor Homes, which specializes in used motorhomes and RVs. You can shop all categories, makes, and models, and also use site resources such as pricing tools, buying strategies, delivery options, and comparison tools for used and consigned RVs.

Like RVTrader, is a major online-only outlet for sales across North America. Serving as a massive online classified listing, it showcases nearly 125,000 new and used RVs. Makes, models, and styles from top manufacturers and brands are available, and buyers can work with dealers and private owners.

There are a number of other systems to check for proper operation before buying a used travel trailer, fifth wheel, or RV. These include the entertainment center, undercarriage, various safety equipment, and all the nooks and crannies the seller might not have thought about when preparing the RV for sale. Some of those include the sink drains, areas behind access panels, and inside roof and furnace vents.

Inspect the tires for their age and condition. Just because the tires have a lot of tread left does not mean that they are in good condition, as most experts say that RV tires age out after six or seven years of use. Check the slide outs (if applicable) inside and out to ensure that they operate and seal properly. Test the automatic jacks (if applicable) to ensure that they function correctly and actually level the RV. Check the exterior trim and screws for rust and corrosion along with the undercarriage of the RV. Inspect the outdoor storage bays thoroughly for any signs of damage or mold. Test the exterior walls by pressing on them in various spots to ensure they are still strong and intact. Lastly, climb on the roof to ensure the roof is still strong and that there are no leaks near the air conditioners or anywhere else.

In addition to saving money, a used RV is more broken in than a new one. Things that are going to break in the first few years have been fixed. Also, the prior owner(s) may have completed upgrades, added features like newer technologies, or installed satellite TV or solar.

Another important thing to consider when deciding whether to buy used or new, is the interest rate on the loan. New RVs, like autos, have lower interest rates, and used has higher. Also, with new purchases, the length of the loan is longer, making payments lower, while used rates are not only higher, but financial institutions grant less time on those loans, often to the point of you making almost the same payment for new or used. The only real difference is the total amount paid in the long run.

After owning 6 different RVs since our first in 1973, and having bought 3 used and 3 new, I think that the key to a satisfactory purchase is research and education. Far too many RV buyers choose the RV based more on emotion than on logic. As a career electrical/mechanical service tech, I probably had some advantage in my early purchasing experience but it still requires study to know what you really need & want. Our second, fifth, and sixth RVs were new and looking back I believe that we did reasonably well in each one. A fair purchase price is much easier to discover with a used RV than with new because it is so difficult to find different makes and models that are of the same quality, workmanship, and configuration, while RV Trader and similar locations make comparisons of used RV less difficult. When we bought our new Class A for fulltime living we wanted new so configured it with a local dealer and then took that configuration sheet and shared it with prices covered with 9 dealers


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