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129. god s love is at the heart of everything that we are, and of everything that we do. this love is fully manifested when we feel compassion for the needy, the sick, the suffering, the outcast, the oppressed and the poor. it is the sign of what unites us and of what is most precious in our existence. in this light, we must be on our guard against various forms of selfishness, self-centeredness, and elitism. rather, we must constantly seek ways to enable the church, and the local churches and communities within which she lives, to recognize and respond to the needs of the human person, and thus to respond to the most basic needs of the poor. in this way, we will avoid sliding into a superficial involvement which is not transformed by authentic charity, but is motivated by the desire to receive some kind of personal benefit. instead, we must strive to be witnesses of the love of god in the world. and this love is a gift which we must strive to bring to others, as much as others will receive it.

13. the church in her identity as the visible sign of the mystery of the triune god is the people of god on earth. as a people of god, the church is not some sort of conglomerate, a piece of political machinery. the church is a community of people. it is not a collection of buildings. in reality, the church is a human person. she is a society, which is why the church can rightly be defined as'society of the poor'. the members of the church are not passive recipients of the goods and services which the social structures provide, but active contributors to the construction of a better world. this is why the church is opposed to the radical individualism which is the basis of the consumer society. it is only as a society that the church can be effective in the areas of human rights, of justice, of life and of the environment. it is also the church which can bring out the best in each person, in order that his or her human dignity and dignity as a person may be fully respected. 3d9ccd7d82


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