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My Book Of Easy Mazes (Kumon Workbooks)

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My Book Of Easy Mazes (Kumon Workbooks)

80 Mazes That Are Just Challenging EnoughI bought this for my almost 4 year old son. I expected him to not be able to get through it for at least a few months because he is still 3. He absolutely loves mazes and this book was the perfect thing to challenge him. The mazes started out right on his level and progressively got more challenging. It really has improved his logic and reasoning skills. There are 80 mazes in the book and he did quite a few each day, so he got through it pretty quick but he really enjoyed it. I would recommend this book for any child who loves a little challenge.

This Maze Book is Perfect for a 5 Year OldMy five year old grandson loves these mazes. He completed twenty of them in thirty minutes! Some are harder than others but not in any special order. Great book and value!

Love Kumon books!We homeschool and I needed some extra stuff for my 4 year old to do. He loves mazes and this book is fantastic. The mazes look simple at first glance but there are many that require a few tries. We tore out the pages and put them in page protectors so he can do them with dry-erase. It holds his attention well and has a nice mix of easy confidence building mazes as well as more challenging pages as well.

Kumon creates great mazes for little children!!!When my now 7 year old was 4-5 years old, we started buying the Kumon maze books and he just loved learning how to get through each maze. These workbooks are colorful & great for traveling or days away from home. I really think that all of the Kumon series of workbooks carefully ease a child into whatever subject matter you pick. If your little one likes mazes and wants to master them, then I highly recommend this series as a place to start. Good luck & have fun!

I love this maze book!I am six years old and I love mazes. This was my first Kumon maze book. I loved this one so much that my mom bought me two more. I would recommended this book for young children.

great for almost 5 year old who loves mazesMy son is almost five and can whip through a book of mazes for 4 year olds in about two seconds. This book was the exact perfect level for him: he could finish the mazes without becoming bored/frustrated but each one took him several minutes to complete. He had great fun with this book.

Love these Kumon workbooks!I try to do a little bit of workbooks with my 6 year old son each night and he loves mazes. We both like the Kumon books in general. They progress in a logical way if you complete the pages in order.

Perfect practice for the writing-averse kidMy son hates coloring, drawing, and writing, but loves mazes! This is perfect handwriting and pencil practice that he begs for. I cannot believe how hard he fights other pencil activities, yet he adores this book. Very very happy, will need more!

Fun and learningI used the Kumon maze books for both of my children. Both of them have enjoyed the challenge of finding their way through the mazes. I found that this was an excellent way to develop their pencil skills while having fun.

Amazingly Developmentally AppropriateThis is the 4th of several levels of the mazes I have given as gifts to my grandson. The mazes are leveled so very well, and progression through them is delightful. I look forward to every new book as he grows with them.

Great mazes, slightly advanced for a 4ypTerrific little book, mazes very well designed. One page has a 3-d maze, the other facing page has a line design. 4 yo loves the 3-D ones but prefers the 3-4-5 leve version at this point.

Great WorkbooksAnother great workbook from Kumon. My daughter loves to work out these mazes. She has done this whole book while age 4. If you have a kid that needs a little challenge, this is a great book.

fun book of mazesKumon is great i own quite a few of their books this book is great and helps kids with spatial reasoning and problem solving. No two mazes are the same either which is great. I recommend it to parents

The BEST Maze books All our kids have just LOVED these books. The mazes are colorful, get more challenging as you proceed through the book teaching eye-hand coordination, pencil and thinking skills.Highly recommended.

Another Kumon winnerMy 3 and 5 years olds love all the Kumon books and amazing mazes is no exception. My 3 year old started with the first Kumon tracing book and her writing skills are great. I can highly recommend Kumon.

Nice looking mazesI just got my 5 year old this book and she loves it. Almost half of the mazes are rendered in a beatiful isometric view with decorations, while the other half are not as decorated but offer more challenging and complex mazes, so it has a really nice learning curve.The quality of the paper is great

good qualitybook, very bright and very well donethis is second book from Kumon mazesmy 3 y.o got first one on his Birthday and house was quiet for couple dayso, we decided to buy morevery-very recommended 59ce067264


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