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Summer Story [v0.2.1]

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It's been some time since synadm last showed up on TWIM, it was around summer 2022. The biggest news is that Ascurius and me just welcomed a new member to the team: jacksonchen666. We reached out since he seemed to care about synadm. He had submitted a feature but we also caught him tidying up "unloved" issues. He has a good sense for concise solutions and accurate documentation. He runs a website and a blog where he talks about "things".

By the way, jacksonchen666 searched for synadm occurrences in the TWIM history and we found an article "next to us" about the Matrix Community Summit 2022 that took place in Berlin last summer. It reminded us that it was a blast! Thanks dear organizers, we hope you manage to do it again! Here's some musical memories in the name of our reference homeserver.

Shortly after releasing our whitepaper end of last year, Effektio was approached by another organization, who has been building a NGO communication platform for a few years called Acter. Acter wanted to move away from their current centralized stack and had found 's Federated Model to be their preferred ideal. Very quickly within the talks that followed it became clear that both organization have the same goals and visions for the future and are perfectly matching in terms of what they already bring and what each lacks: Effektio has the technological stack, expertise and ability to build the product while Acter has existing a network of organizations, partners and even existing users, who are happy to provide feedback. Long story short, we decided to merge both into a newly funded Acter Association, which we established Jan 1st, developing the next (third) generation of the Acter Platform ("A3") on top of the existing effektio tech stack. Since then a major part of our work has been merging all the admin and tech stuff, up to moving the github repo over to acterglobal/a3, where you will find it from now on.

Description:In this game you'll take a part in a family life with two brothers and the older sister. You'll play as on of those guys and enjoy the summer spending together. Depending on your actions you'll get what you reach for and have lots of fun.More: Renpy BugsVersion: Updated: 2023-02-28, Posted: 2021-11-14. Request for an Update! 59ce067264


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