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Yandex Music, Books


Yandex Music, Books

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- In addition to music and films, Yandex Plus now also provides full access to more than 170,000 electronic and audio books through the updated Bookmate service.

Yandex launched the Bookmate service for Yandex Plus users, giving them access to the entire library of electronic and audio books, which can now be listened to on smart devices with Alice. From today, Plus subscribers in Uzbekistan can listen to songs and podcasts on Yandex Music, watch movies and TV shows on Kinopoisk, make trips with a 10% discount through Yandex Go, read and listen to electronic and audio books in the new Bookmate book service. The updated Bookmate mobile application can already be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. Bookmate in Uzbekistan is now available only to Plus subscribers.

Current Bookmate users will have access to the Plus features until the end of their subscription. To do this, they need to install the new Bookmate mobile application and log in through their Yandex account. If they wish, they will be able to transfer all the data of their current accounts, including information about read books, notes, quotes and downloaded books, to the new application.

Nothing is better than being immersed in useful music and books with an excellent Yandex Music, Books & Podcasts space. Users can enjoy the highest sound quality with a wide selection of themes. Depending on the mood at each visit, you can choose from various warm or vibrant reading tones. We always offer many new and interesting options for you to choose from. In addition, the lyrics and song lyrics are also excerpted and presented very clearly for you to receive information from the viewing section more easily. Besides, you can monitor the reading progress of the machine through the letters displayed in turn and sharp on the screen.

Not only for listening to music, but Yandex Music also supports Podcast content so that users can change content when boring. Basically, many organizations and speakers use this app to broadcast their programs. Podcast enjoyment is similar to listening to music online, users can find popular Podcasts or access different topics.

As a general rule, third parties may not use the Yandex Music logo without permission given by the logo and (or) trademark owner Yandex. For any questions about the legal use of the logo, pleasecontact the Yandex directly. You can find contact information on the website

We strive to find official logotypes and brand colors, including the Yandex Music logo, from open sources, such as,,,, and other websites; however, we cannot guaranteethe Yandex Music logo on this web page is accurate, official or up-to-date. To get the official Yandex Music logo, please get in touch with the Yandex directlyor go to

Yandex Music is an online music app and is also very strong in listening to audiobooks, listening to podcasts, and listening to the radio. Almost all the needs for gentle entertainment and relaxation in terms of sound are present in this app. Do you already have Yandex Music on your device

The app allows users to share their favorite music, books, and podcasts with their friends and followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The sharing feature allows users to share their favorite content, playlists, and podcasts with others. 59ce067264


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