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Hutch Pro Racer Serial Number [CRACKED]

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How to Identify a Hutch Pro Racer BMX Bike by Serial Number

Hutch Pro Racer is one of the most iconic and sought-after BMX bikes from the 1980s. It was designed and manufactured by Hutch Hi-Performance BMX, a company founded by John De Bruin and Richard Hutchins in 1979. The Pro Racer was a high-end racing bike that featured a lightweight chromoly frame, Hutch forks, handlebars, stem, seat post, pedals, hubs, and brakes. The Pro Racer was available in different sizes, colors, and decals over the years.

If you are lucky enough to own or find a Hutch Pro Racer, you might want to know more about its history and authenticity. One way to do that is by looking at the serial number on the frame. The serial number can tell you when and where the bike was made, and sometimes even the model and size. However, not all Hutch Pro Racers have serial numbers, and some have different formats depending on the year and location of production. Here is a guide to help you decode the serial number of your Hutch Pro Racer.

No Serial Number

Some of the earliest Hutch Pro Racers did not have any serial numbers at all. These were made in 1982 and early 1983 in the USA. They are very rare and collectible, and can be identified by other features such as the oval-shaped brake bridge, the straight seat stays, the small gusset under the down tube, and the Hutch logo stamped on the head tube and bottom bracket shell.

Serial Number on Dropout

The next batch of Hutch Pro Racers had serial numbers stamped on the inside of the left rear dropout. These were also made in the USA from late 1983 to 1984. The serial numbers consisted of seven digits, starting with either 123 or 014, followed by four more numbers. Some of these frames also had a baseball symbol next to the serial number, indicating that they were made by Anlun, a Taiwanese company that also produced frames for other brands. The baseball symbol does not affect the value or quality of the frame, as they were still made to Hutch's specifications and standards.

Serial Number on Bottom Bracket

The last version of Hutch Pro Racers had serial numbers stamped on the bottom bracket shell. These were made in Taiwan from 1984 to 1986, when Hutch stopped making BMX bikes. The serial numbers had a letter-number-letter-number format, such as M4-K2363. The first letter indicated the month of production, from A to L (A=January, B=February, etc.). The first number indicated the year of production, from 1 to 9 (1=1981, 2=1982, etc.). The second letter indicated the model of the frame, such as K for Pro Racer, P for Pro Star, R for Pro Raider, S for Pro Street, and T for Trick Star. The second number indicated the size of the frame, from 1 to 5 (1=Mini Expert, 2=Junior Expert, 3=Expert Racer/Street/Star/Raider/Trick Star XL24", 4=Pro Racer/Street/Star/Raider/Trick Star XL26", 5=Pro Cruiser). The last four numbers were sequential and had no specific meaning.


Hutch Pro Racer is a legendary BMX bike that has a loyal fan base and a high value in the vintage market. By checking the serial number on your frame, you can learn more about its origin and characteristics. However, keep in mind that serial numbers are not always reliable or consistent, and that there are other factors that affect the authenticity and condition of your bike. Always do your own research and consult with experts before buying or selling a Hutch Pro Racer. aa16f39245


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