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Where Can I Buy Fake Dog Poop

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Where Can I Buy Fake Dog Poop

There are classic jokes that will never get old, and fake dog poop is a timeless prank that boasts a myriad of uses. Is your mother-in-law squeamish as she is judgmental? If you really want to get her panties in a twist, place the fresh fake dookie at the front of her door. She'll be stuck in the guestroom for days. Did an annoying coworker win your promotion? Let him know how you feel by placing a dog turd on his desk or better yet, on his seat. Fake Dog Poop will never go out of style, and our poop looks so convincing, your dog will even try to eat it.

One owner I spoke to expected her dog to pee wherever she sprayed, without any extra effort. Yep, she thought that just by spraying the corner of her yard with attractant, her Yorkie would be instantly trained to pee there.

We're considered major players in the fake poop business over the past few decades and we can confidently say this is the best fake poop money can buy right now. Out of respect to this turd's quality, we give this log the white glove treatment that it deserves.

It excels in all the aspects of a quality top-of-the-line fake turd. It measures in at about 6" long and has a tapered end that is just absolutely stunning. The color tone and slight sheen gives it a very fresh looking appearance. Upon closer look, you'll notice this turd pays very close attention to detail with its chunks of corn and strands of hair coming out from the sides. It's the little touches like this that takes this poop's realism to the next level.

The coverage rolled in. "Sick of picking up your dog's poop? There's an app for that," declared Newsday. "Here comes Pooper, an app for the laziest dog owners on earth," The Daily Dot wrote. "We have reached peak sharing economy, people," reported RedEye Chicago. The Next Web, a tech blog, declared it "the shittiest app ever"; the reporter added that he was skeptical, "but the co-founders swear the app is a real thing."

Other publications wrote about Pooper in a skeptical, this-is-maybe-fake-but-we're-going-to-write-about-it-anyway voice, which is increasingly how bloggers write up hoaxy stories as a way of scooping up traffic without touching shit. (This is the journalistic equivalent of whispering a salacious rumor to your classmate and then hastily adding, "But that's just a rumor!") "This probably fake app gets other people to pick up your dog's poop," Mashable declared. The Daily Mail included a parenthetical caveat in its headline: "Pooper claims to be able to send someone to clean up after your dog (but thankfully it's probably a joke)." The Washington Post interviewed Becker about the seemingly real app while hedging that it could be "some sort of ironic commentary on dog obsession and the sharing economy." (Other outlets caught the scent of dog crap early: SFist christened Pooper "a steaming pile of marketing shit," while The Baffler, in a delightfully wordy piece, called it "a genius commentary on the loathsome indignity of the sharing economy and the growing class divide.")

As Pooper's website received tens of thousands of hits, Becker and Glass were baffled to find even German and Japanese publications writing about the fake app. "A lot of the coverage came from folks that we didn't even reach out to initially," Glass adds.

The other target: anyone lazy enough to pay an underclass of pooper-scoopers to clean up after their dog. Pooper brings to mind Seamless's ad strategy, which is largely predicated on convincing affluent New Yorkers that they're much too busy or tech-savvy to cook.

But he and Glass were disturbed to see more people signing up to be scoopers than poopers. "It's a little bit disconcerting that it's such a demeaning job and so many people were eager to sign up to do it," Glass says.

This amazing gag gift is a classic that never fails. The realistic color and textureensure that all your fun ideas can be perfectly executed. So, shop for fake poop and find new and unique ways to pran


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