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Once you've saved the appropriate file(s) to your hard drive, double-click on it to open the location so that you can see the contents of the torrent file. If you're having problems opening.torrent files, right-click inside the file and select "Open With" from the menu that pops up. Regardless of which operating system you're using, once the torrent file is open you should see the following:

Metadata: This contains information about the file(s), including the name and size of the torrent file, the download directory, the date the torrent was created, and other information. The most important piece of information, though, is the download directory.

Size: The size of the torrent file indicates how fast the available content can be loaded. If you're only downloading one file, you can start that download right away. A torrent file can also connect to multiple other files. This means you can download one piece of content and the rest will come as soon as the first one finishes, even if they're on a different server. The size of the most recent download will be shown here, but you may also see file sizes for previous downloads from a faster connection.

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