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Leslie Sansone 4 Mile Power Walk: A Fun and Effective Home Workout for All Fitness Levels

This is the fastest most easy way to lose weight. I started at one mile every other day, and worked up to two and three. I was able to walk through the streets of Chicago (in my neighborhood) and not have to worry about the heat or rain. It was very hard on the knees. Walking is an amazing form of exercise and good for the heart.

Leslie Sansone 4 Mile Power Walk Torrent Free 65

Leslie Sansone has helped us to get in shape because this DVD is 4 miles per walk. That would be enough to get your heart going and burn some fat. Because its a walk instead of jogging you get a sense of accomplishment and can do it without being as sore as jogging. I had to stop jogging because I had to take a sedative for back pain and could not run. I am now trying Leslie's workouts to build back muscle to take the weight off and get the weight down. The Leslie Sansone DVD is a great workout

My motivation for exercising with Leslie's DVD is that it is more convenient, and with walking, I don't have to worry about my heart rate. It seems to be a great workout program and it has been very successful.

As many of us stay at home we rely on the walking programs we have at home. Leslie has at home tv shows to encourage one on the move. The Leslie Sansone DVD allow you to exercise your body without having to have a gym membership.

I hate to be negative, but I am just not enjoying these workouts at all. You know what I like? The Leslie Sansones for the first third of her workout. It gives you a ton of variety. You could do a different workout every day for a month and never get bored. I try to watch, I really do, but its just too much information Leslie is talking so much she forgets what we are doing.


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