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Reviewed by: Imagic Moments: Indigenous North American Film by Lee Schweninger Shirley K. Sneve Imagic Moments: Indigenous North American Film. By Lee Schweninger. Athens: University of Georgia, 2013. xi + 247pp. Illustrations, works cited, index. $24.95 paper. Much has been said over the years about the lack of Native Americans in the movie business. Iconic classics like Dances with Wolves, Little Big Man or A Man Called Horse have Caucasian men as the central character. Through their eyes, we get a glimpse into Native American culture, but it is through the lens of the outsider.

And another posthumous tribute was paid at the British Independent Film Awards last night to former Beatle George Harrison, who won a lifetime achievement accolade for his work in reviving the British movie industry.

The following summaries of current, widely shown films are provided to help readers plan what to see. If additional coverage of a film has appeared in the Monitor, the date of the article is given in italics after the summary. Inclusion of a movie does not imply Monitor endorsement. The Movie Guide appears on the first and third Thursdays of the month. AFTER THE REHEARSAL - Talky, dense, emotionally complex ''chamber film'' about a stage director and two actresses having a deeply felt confrontation over their personal and professional lives. Written and directed by Ingmar Bergman. (Rated R; contains vulgar language and mature subject matter.) ALPHABET CITY - Sympathetic portrait of a New York City dope dealer, packed with cliches of the genre. Partly redeemed by the visual imagination of director Amos Poe, who attracted notice with his underground thriller ''The Outsider'' and turns parts of his present opus into an infernal tone poem. (Rated R; contains violence, vulgarity, and incredibly sleazy characters.) May 17. THE BOUNTY - Fletcher Christian and Captain Bligh sail again, only this time it's Lieutenant Bligh, since producer Dino De Laurentiis wants to get the historical details right and tell ''the true story.'' The result is pure hokum, nonetheless, in the old tradition of big-screen epics, competently directed by Roger Donaldson and occasionally inspired by Anthony Hopkins's portrayal of a surprisingly sympathetic skipper. (Rated PG; contains nudity and violence.) May 17. EL NORTE - Saga of a peasant brother and sister who flee oppression in their native Guatemala, only to find poverty in Mexico and new forms of hardship and servitude in California. Intelligently and resourcefully directed by Gregory Nava, though some of his storytelling strategies seem rather studied. (Not rated; contains violence and vulgar language.) March 1. ENTRE NOUS - Perceptive drama about two French women who forge a strong and loving friendship while fencing with family and personal problems. Directed with uncommon insight by Diane Kurys, who vividly paints not only specific characters but the deceptively complex moods and attitudes of the 1950s, when most of the action takes place. (Rated PG; contains some violence, nudity, and frank sexual talk.) March 8. ERENDIRA - A bizarre, surrealistic visual style marks this account of a young woman pushed into prositution by her grandmother, on whom she eventually takes revenge. Directed by Ruy Guerra from a screenplay by Nobel Prize-winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez, based on part of his novel ''One Hundred Years of Solitude.'' (Not rated; contains sex, nudity, and violence.) FINDERS KEEPERS - Raucous comedy about a young man and his friends on the trail of a coffin-full of purloined money. Raggedly directed by Richard Lester. (Rated R; contains much vulgar language.) FIRESTARTER - Yet another silly thriller based on a Stephen King story, this about a little girl who can set distant objects on fire, an ability that sounded more impressive in the novel than it looks on screen. Directed by Mark L. Lester with no particular flair. (Rated R; contains vulgar language and violence.) May 31. FOOTLOOSE - In a smal


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