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Lucas Cooper
Lucas Cooper

Watch GR One Piece 829 GR

Longines is proud to include the Swiss Made mark on all of its watches. This simple wording guarantees a standard of quality that has been established over many centuries and is today a world-renowned symbol of excellence.

Watch GR One Piece 829 GR


La Compagnie des Montres Longines, Francillon S.A.* grants you, with effect from the purchase date, a twenty-four (24) month warranty on your Longines watch and a five (5) year warranty on automatic watches under the terms set out in this warranty.

Toppers is excited to offer a free extended warranty on the purchase of new watches. This warranty begins when the manufacturer's warranty runs out. As such, Topper Fine Jewelers will provide an additional non-transferable warranty for a period of one year.*

*Restrictions Apply. Service provided anywhere other than at Topper Fine Jewelers or a service center of the original manufacturer is not covered and shall void the warranty. Topper Fine Jewelers will have sole discretion to determine whether the work for the warranty will be performed "in house" by Topper Fine Jewelers or at a repair facility of our choice. The limited warranty does not cover bracelets, crystals, batteries, or any damage to the case or movement caused by moisture that might have entered the watch as a result of improper handling, nor does it apply, on a more general basis, if there is evidence of misuse or abuse. Only Topper Fine Jewelers will determine at its sole discretion to repair any watch under this warranty.

This brings me to another story. After the movement had been designed, we needed to discuss the parts needed with the team making these components. You have to remember that they had not made complications for 20-30 years and had gotten used to making standard watchmaking components. They were sometimes a little bit reluctant to start something new and wild!

Does it bother you to hear people claim, to this day, that the Datograph L951.1 was the first integrated chronograph calibre built from the ground up after the quartz crisis? That honour should go to the calibre 829, as work commenced in 1992 and the watch was completed in 1996.

The body changes continue with a newly developed air scoop providing better airflow to push more cold air into the engine bay. At the back, Pagani came up with a new diffuser to make the most of the air coming from underneath the car. The wing is also exclusive to the Huayra Tricolore and is built into the rear bonnet from a single piece of carbon fibre. 041b061a72


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