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Mass Effect 1 Face Code Converter |VERIFIED|

Mass Effect 2 and 3 face code to sliders converter. Generates ME1 (ME2 and ME3 too) compatible sliders text file from face code. Keep in mind that new additions will naturally not be available in ME1 and 2. New values might not be the same in ME1 & 2. In any case, it will give correct slider positions for ME3 face code in ME3. Colours

Mass Effect 1 Face Code Converter

However, if the Shepherd face you want to import is from your old Mass Effect 1 save, there are a few extra steps you need to follow. This is because Identity Codes (rebranded as face codes for the Legendary Edition) weren't introduced until ME2. As long as you have a copy of the original Mass Effect 2 on the same system, though, you can still get hold of a face code.

One major upside to all this, though, is that you can potentially import someone else's Shepherd design using their face code. Fans of the series have been sharing their Identity Codes since the original trilogy came out. And with the release of the Legendary Edition, it seems likely that we'll see a resurgence in people sharing their unique Shepherd creations with the world.

Greetings Commanders!For the Legendary Edition launch a small tool has been created to help convert your old ME 2 and ME 3 face codes to Legendary Edition-compatible codes. This link will bring you to Google Drive where you'll find a small program you can download and unzip.Be sure to check the PleaseRead file first, then you can run MassEffectFaceCodes.exe. We encourage you to verify the Electronic Arts, Inc digital signature before proceeding.This tool will then allow you to enter your Mass Effect 2 or Mass Effect 3 face codes for use in Legendary Edition character creation. Feel free to share your converted face codes here, show off your beautiful, handsome or "characterful" Shepards for the world to see. Note: In some cases codes will not match 100% to your original Shepard due to changes in the content and you may have to adjust some settings manually in the character creator.

For the most part, the ME2 and ME3 facecodes work perfectly fine in Legendary Edition as is. The code portions that don't work are the colors: Skin tone, hair color, makeup, etc. In a few cases, the hairstyle codes don't work too. This tool does away with a lot of the guess work and translates all those color codes to LE codes that work if not 100%, then very close.

Anyway, I'm glad this tool exists. Maintaining a consistent Shepard across the Trilogy has always been important to me (As it has to so many of us). If you recall the ME3 Face Import bug back during the ME3 launch, I had written an entire Blog Post on the Bioware Social Network detailing how to retrieve your face code from your ME2 Save file if you created your Shep in ME1.

If you want to recreate your ME1 character from scratch in ME2 by converting slider values into a ME2 face code, here's how to do it. It's very simple, but you need to know what the slider values were for your ME1 character.

Note 1: ME2 skips the letter 'O' when generating the face code, in other words when you bring the slider (e.g. neck thickness) to position 24, the game encodes it with the letter 'P' in the face code, instead of 'O' (e.g. M(22)->N(23)->P(24) ). The letter 'O' isn't used in the face code. Not sure why they did it this way, I'm just letting you know to prevent confusion.Note 2: I have made an Excel spreadsheet that does this automatically which you can download from the link below and use it either with MS Excel or Google Docs (by importing it) and you can then use it to generate ME2 face code for your own characters. Simply fill in the slider values on white columns as in the examples given in the spreadsheet and ME2 face code will be generated automatically underneath that column, which you can then copy.Link for the Excel spreadsheet: Mass Effect Face Code Generator (ME1 to ME2).7zBy the way, in case you're wondering why one should bother with all this, the "imported" character in ME2 is not entirely the same as the one generated by using the face code or created from scratch by using the ME2 sliders. In other words, if you import the character from your ME1 saves, it'll be ever so slightly different than the one you create from scratch, because there are some differences in how these two games handle character assets and sliders.Note 3: You probably won't need any of this for the "legendary" version for two reasons, first it already shows you the face code in ME1 and also, the new sliders are most likely incompatible with the original games, so I wouldn't bother trying if I were you.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Link) Generating a face code for an ME1 Shepard - This still exists (except for pics)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------gibbed's Save Editor SUMMARY:Makes more stuff editable, not very user friendly but now you can play directly with the head morph data (and other data). Plot data is now editable.Note: editing face code does not change the face, if you want a new face, either edit the head morph data under Squad > Player > Appearance > Head Morph, or import a head morph from another save the Toolbox tab.CONTACT:Check for updates and contact gibbed here.OTHEROkogawa has written a guide to using the editor here! Everyone using Gibbed's should read this to help mod their game, including how to mod female Shepard's

Of course, Commander Shepard can look entirely different depending on the player. The original games let players customize their Shepard to their liking. While the Legendary Edition features two default Shepard models that players can use, they also have the ability to import their likeness from the original game(s) via face codes.

Hi I found the vba tutorial to convert formulas into values with a vba code very useful. couple of question, 1)How to set up a command button to effect this 2) or what would be the code if you want to vba to automatically run this command if a say after a 12 month cycle looking forward to your reply Regrds Shamsu


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