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The overall objective of this assignment is to introduce you toPython. Emphasis will be placed on text and string manipulations and should use some of Python's facilities for iterating over structures.The assignment is spread over three python files,,, and three files words,passwd, andnews.txtthat you need to download.The first three files contain several skeleton Python functions, with missingbodies, i.e. expressions, which currently contain the text raise Failure("to be written"). Your task is to replace the text in those files with the theappropriate Python code for each of those expressions. An emphasisshould be placed on writing concise easy to read code.Assignment Testing and EvaluationYour functions/programs must compile and/or run on a Linux ACS machine (e.g., as this is where the verification of your solutions will occur. While you may develop your code on any system, ensure that your code runs as expected on an ACS machine prior to submission. You should test your code in the directories from which the zip files (see below) will be created, as this will approximate the environment used for grading the assignment.

Your solutions to this assignment will be stored in separate files under a directory called pa5_solution/, inside which you will place the files:, . These two files listed are the versions of the corresponding supplied files that you will have modified. There should be no other files in the directory.

Crypt is available in Python in the crypt module. You canload this modules with import crypt. Then the crypt functionis available as crypt.crypt(). Seehelp(crypt.crypt) in Python. When crypt is used, a salt mustbe provided to perturb the algorithm. This salt is a random twocharacter string which is returned in the beginning of the password.Since you are going in the other direction, you should extract thesalt from the first two characters of the encrypted password (or seehere formore information).

Now, write a Python function load_passwd(filename) whichtakes a string as input and returns a list of dictionaries with fields"account", "password", "UID", "GID", "GECOS", "directory", and"shell", each mapping to the corresponding field of the file. The UIDand GID fields should be returned as integers. The password filecontains lines of the following format (see here formore information):

Finally, write a functioncrack_pass_file(filename,words,out) which takes two stringscorresponding to a password file and a file with a list of words and astring corresponding to an output file. Attempt to crack as many ofthe passwords in the password file as possible. As passwords arediscovered, they should be written to the output file in the followingformat:

After each line is written, the output file should be flushed.Your function will only be allowed to run for a limited amount of time(several minutes). Thus, you should attempt to crack the easiestpasswords first. All passwords in the input file are between 6 and 8characters and can be cracked using words in the provided dictionaryalong with a combination of the transformations above. The basepoints will be provided if all the passwords which are untransformedstrings can be cracked. Fractional credit will be proportional to thenumber of additional passwords cracked, with the student cracking the most extra words getting the full 25 points. 1e1e36bf2d


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