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Wwii Ballistics Armor And Gunnery !FULL!

#3 So WW2 ballistics armor and gunnery, how difficult. The penetration is also 235 millimeters at 100 meters distance, and 185mm at 1km. Now, you might pick the FH figure, but that is against face hardened armor which was a method dropped because of how it performed at angles against APCBC shot. Now if you're a total [edited]you can take the FH figure because BR-412B would magically gain the attribute of making whatever armor it shot at face hardened, but that's not how the enemy perceives the process.

wwii ballistics armor and gunnery

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If you know your target and what ammo and gun you're using you have all the necessary in-game data needed to run test. Just look up your targets armor values and your guns ballistics data and you're set.

After a thorough inspection of Boise and the damage done to her hull, American ordnance and ballistics experts were able to work out the properties of the Type 91 shell. American tests of a diving shell similar to the Type 91 confirmed that it maintained a good underwater trajectory and that it had consistent success against lightly armored ships. Its effectiveness against heavier armor proved to be very poor. The U.S. Navy decided that a diving shell would not make a worthwhile addition to its inventory.

The success of battleship gunnery depended on fire control. Both ships had modern systems designed specifically so that the shooter could maneuver freely while firing. Neither system (nor any other of the era) could deal with a maneuvering target. If both ships could maneuver freely, neither might hit the other often enough to end the battle. In 1943 that was just what happened in an engagement between the U.S. heavy cruiser Salt Lake City (CA-25) and the Japanese heavy cruisers Maya and Nachi. During the three-and-a-half-hour fight, the three ships expended most of their armor-piercing shells but with remarkably few results. 076b4e4f54


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