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Hot Girls Wanted Turned On 1x2


Hot Girls Wanted Turned On 1x2

Charlie is excited to attend the picnic with the waitress, and pleads to have Tommy for an extra day. However, when Charlie is left alone to run Paddy's Pub during the day of the picnic, Tommy is left poorly supervised, and as a result steals patron's leftover beers and becomes drunk. While Charlie scrambles in an attempt to sober up Tommy, the Waitress arrives. Tommy tells the Waitress that he is drunk, while Charlie tries to deny it, and vomits in the back alley. The Waitress then leaves in disgust. In the end it turns out that Tommy is not Charlie's son after all, and that Tommy's mother wanted to get a better influence for her son, as his real father wasn't a good one.

This time I decided I wanted to try out one of their canvases. As you can see by our wallpaper choice, we love maps so I let my son pick out a map of the United States for his room. His room is camping/woodland forest themed so a map would flow perfectly and we could put pins in all the cities/states that we visited to make it more personal and fun for him.

The canvas arrived a couple of days after ordering . The canvases come in pieces that you have to assemble yourself. I already knew that it would be an easy process from watching the assembly video on the website. I took all the pieces out and set it up and asked Jackson if he wanted to help put together his canvas.

Upon their arrival, each girl got to pick out a Disney Princess Enchanted Evening Dress. We had everyone from Rapunzel to Snow White, Cinderella to Merida, and, of course, Aurora. With our DIY Princess Tower party decorations and DIY Princess Mirror, it was the perfect place for the girls to don their princess attire!

Our Princess Spa Day was early in the morning, so we served a fun princess breakfast for the girls. I sprinkled some powdered donuts with edible pink glitter and stuck some wooden forks (decorated with pink glitter washi tape!) into a stack of mini pancakes for each princess. We also served some diced fruit and mini fruit wants, topped with star-shaped fruit!

For a non finitely generated I took $\mathbbQ$ over $\mathbbZ_p$, but I cannot find an example of a finitely generated one. Of course it should be a module over a local non-noetherian ring. I don't know a lot of local non-noetherian rings, the first that came to my mind was $k[x_1,x_2,\ldots]/(x_1,x_2^2,x_3^3,\ldots)$, since localization is a good way to find flat modules I wanted to localize this ring, but it has only one prime ideal (the maximal ideal); so I really don't know what to do. Any help

Hello! Last week when I posted my Large DIY Metal Pegboard Command Center I promised at the end of the post that I would be sharing a fun and easy project at the end of the week...and then I didn't.As usual life got a little crazy and while I liked my project, I thought it still needed tweeking, so I put it on hold for a few days to think, and now I am ready to share it with you today. My Decorative Triangle Tray!So cute, I love it! It really is easy, so don't let the triangle fool you! Let's get started, all you need are some scrap 1x2's and scrap 1/2" plywood to make your cuts.I began by cutting two of my scrap 1x2's at a 45 degree angle on only ONE side, the other side got a straight cut. Please note that one of the 1x2's will be 3/4" longer than the other one, and the measurement I give you above is from the straight end to the long end of the miter cut.I made this tray a specific size so I could fit it in my Corner Cabinet Makeover but you could easily adjust the measurements to fit your needs. I have added mine above.Once I sanded my pieces I came inside, because it was way below freezing, and used my favorite gorilla wood glue on my cut ends.Then I busted out my Ryobi nail gun and secured all the sides from every angle. LOVE this tool, it makes me happy!Next up I had to brave the cold again, in order to find something for a tray bottom. I found a piece of scrap 1/2" plywood and put my


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