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Nandhipurathu Nayagi: A Historical Novel by Vikiraman

Nandhipurathu Nayagi is a historical novel written by Vikiraman, a renowned Tamil novelist, short story writer and journalist. The novel is a sequel to Ponniyin Selvan, a masterpiece by Kalki Krishnamurthy, and follows the lives and adventures of Vandiya Devan, Kundavai Piratti, Arulmozhi Varman and other characters from the Chola dynasty.

The novel was first serialised in Amudasurabhi, a Tamil literary magazine edited by Vikiraman himself, during 1957-59. It was later published in book form in 1964 and has been reprinted several times since then. The novel has been praised for its historical accuracy, vivid narration and captivating plot. It is considered one of the best historical novels in Tamil literature.

Nandhipurathu Nayagi is set in the 11th century CE, when the Chola empire was at its peak of glory and power. The novel begins with Vandiya Devan returning to Thanjavur after completing his mission as a messenger of Arulmozhi Varman, who is about to be crowned as Rajaraja Chola I. Vandiya Devan is eager to meet his beloved Nandini, who is the daughter of Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar, the chief minister of the Chola kingdom. However, he soon learns that Nandini has been kidnapped by a mysterious group of rebels who call themselves the Nandipurathu Nayagis (the heroines of Nandipuram).

The Nandipurathu Nayagis are a band of brave and beautiful women who have sworn to fight against the tyranny and injustice of the Chola rulers. They are led by Vanathi, a princess of the Pandya dynasty, who has a personal vendetta against Arulmozhi Varman for killing her father and brother. Vanathi also has a secret love for Vandiya Devan, whom she had met and saved during his journey to Sri Lanka. The novel follows the thrilling adventures of Vandiya Devan as he tries to rescue Nandini from the clutches of the Nandipurathu Nayagis, while also dealing with the intrigues and conspiracies of various enemies and allies of the Chola empire.

The novel is rich in historical details and cultural references, as Vikiraman recreates the life and times of the Chola period with authenticity and flair. He also introduces many new characters and subplots that add to the complexity and depth of the story. The novel is a blend of romance, action, drama, humour and suspense, as it explores themes such as love, loyalty, courage, honour, friendship, patriotism and destiny.

Nandhipurathu Nayagi is a must-read for anyone who loves historical fiction and Tamil literature. It is a novel that celebrates the glory and greatness of the Chola empire, as well as the courage and charisma of its people.The novel has three parts, each with its own twists and turns. The first part deals with the rise of Arulmozhi Varman as the emperor of the Chola empire, and his conflicts with the Pandyas, the Sinhalese and the Chalukyas. The second part focuses on the love triangle between Vandiya Devan, Nandini and Vanathi, and the schemes of the Nandipurathu Nayagis to overthrow the Chola rule. The third part narrates the final showdown between Arulmozhi Varman and Vanathi, and the fate of Vandiya Devan and Nandini.

The novel is not only a historical fiction, but also a tribute to Kalki Krishnamurthy, who inspired Vikiraman to write historical novels. Vikiraman has followed the style and tone of Kalki in his narration, and has also incorporated many references and characters from Ponniyin Selvan. He has also added his own imagination and creativity to make the novel more engaging and original.

Nandhipurathu Nayagi is a novel that showcases the glory of Tamil culture and history, as well as the human emotions and values that transcend time and space. It is a novel that will appeal to readers of all ages and backgrounds, who love to immerse themselves in a captivating story that transports them to another era. a474f39169


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