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Underhell: Chapter 1 Download BETTER PC Game

I re-downloaded the prologue a while ago to replay it. Man did I have a blast, I've been looking forward to chapter 1. I hope it was as enjoyable for you to make it, as it will be for me to blast through it ;). Nice job Mxthe and anyone else who contrabuted to make this mod!

Underhell: Chapter 1 Download PC Game

I've tried to start it, and it exits each time and places a HL2 Deathmatch icon in my start menu. I've downloaded SDK 2007 and 06, validated my files twice, Defragmented them to be extra sure. But the game does not work.

The gameplay is standard Source engine fare, with a couple of extra bits attached. A rudimentary stealth system has been added, giving you an extra option in combat, but otherwise it plays very similarly to Half Life 2. If you want to experience a very solid, story-driven mod, then you should definitely give Underhell: Chapter 1 a download.

Then, download the mod . Find your Sourcemods folder (Program Files > Steam > steamapps > Sourcemods) and extract the Underhell folder into the Sourcemods folder. Restart Steam, and you should see Underhell appear on your games list! 041b061a72


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