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Cleartones Everything

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Cleartones Everything

the 10 foot, or 300 millisecond long delay can be used to create a wide range of effects like a tremolo, flanging or chorus. it can be used solo for delayed accompaniment, or as a companion to other effects for chorusing and muting the guitar. we all know jimis voice was recorded with a vintage tube mic and this effect is a perfect application of how this type of mic works. there is so much to discover with vintage delay, just explore it.

the delay is clearly one of the main features of this plugin, and we noticed it was quiet james who wrote it, as he is best known for his fine companion delay guitar. at the time we were developing vintage delay, there were no delay plugins. so i wrote vintage delay, and needed a 9-second delay, because i wanted to clone myself for this gig.

start with the wet signal and experiment with the controls. a dynamic range of 255 (1,000,000%) can be applied to the sustain with this, or you can leave it alone at 100%. experiment with the delay time here. a 10 foot delay will give you a stereo width that is hard to believe. the vintage delay has a number of different audio effects built into its overall architecture. for instance, the reverb and delay times are modified by the decay, and there are a few fx you can add to the delay, like a chorus or flanger. all of these tools are explained in the api documentation if you want to dive deeper.

just make sure you experiment with these options to find the effect you are looking for. vintage delay also includes feedback modulation which makes the amp tube sound like it is has a couple of foot valves in it. just take a listen to jimis vocals and see if you can hear a slight wooshing/buzzing noise. the chorus is probably easy to identify. there is a mini version called chorus mini. 3d9ccd7d82


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