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Reset Epson Printers Waste Ink Pad Counters with WIC Reset Utility

The end result of all this information is that you can easily solve the problem with minimum or no cost. Epson L3210 was developed to print a large number of pages, as previously mentioned. As a result, Epson equipped the Epson l3210 printer with a large number of sponge pads. Waste Ink Pads is what these sponge pads are called. The waste ink produced by the printers cleaning process is absorbed by these waste ink pads when the printer cleans its print head after each printing session. When these waste ink pads become full and begin to overflow, the Epson L3210 displays the errors mentioned above and stops functioning.

epson printers resetter how to .zip

Software to assist in recovering a damaged Epson l320 and the settings needed to properly initialize the printer. After installing the printer and opening the software, all it is required to do is to run the recovery procedure. The software does not remove any files and it merely restarts the connection to the printer. Once the software has made the necessary corrections, the printer is ready to continue working.

The Epson L380 printing service which is in the form of a USB dongle. It has a very simple installation process and can be easily set up on a Windows XP machine. After downloading and installing the Epson L380 printer driver on your machine, insert the L380 USB dongle into the USB port of your computer and your L380 printer will be ready to use. In the new Epson L380 printer driver, the USB device is not visible to Windows, so you must take the necessary steps to install the device driver.

The software will perform a simple clean, optimize and reinitialize check of the device's entire print system. In addition, the program will also check the print media in the tray, print head and other components of the L380 printer. After every check, the Epson L380 printer is reinitialized to be in working condition.


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