The Press and Presidents

The last four years Americans were treated to an embarrassing back and forth between President Donald J. Trump and the establishment media. I know people who loved every second of it, and actually people on both sides that thought just the other side was to blame. . . now don't get me wrong here, I think the establishment media is awful, manipulative and dishonest, at times they border on propaganda (see Kids in Cages narratives under Trump become Migrants in Overflow Detention Centers under Biden). I just also think that at times Trump was provocative just to be provocative, I think he loved to go around and around with them and goad them - especially CNN.

If you were like me you were hoping that the initial media onslaught of ludicrously biased stories and the cycles of Trump retaliation was going to ease up and they'd settle into some sort of functional, if not friendly relationship. Not even close. I even for a brief second asked myself if the